Understanding the Admissions Process

Embarking on the admissions journey at Ironwood Maine begins with a simple yet pivotal step: reaching out to our dedicated admissions team. We ensure that every inquiry is met with understanding and thorough information about our transformative program. From the initial call, where we delve into the essence of our approach and address your concerns, to a follow-up discussion with our Admissions Director for a deeper compatibility assessment, our process is meticulously designed to foster clarity and confidence in your decision for a brighter future.

Hear From an Ironwood Maine Alumnus

Insurance / Financing

Will my insurance cover mental health treatment for my teen?

As part of Altior Healthcare’s commitment to increasing access to quality mental health care and making improvements across all four of its youth mental health programs, Ironwood Maine is now working with most commercial insurance carriers out-of-network. Families now have the option to utilize out-of-network benefits for treatment, marking a positive change as previously, our program was available exclusively for self-paying families.

Also, Ironwood Maine has in-network contracts with the following insurance companies and is actively pursuing additional in-network contracts.

In-network Insurance

Pre-admission Process

Step 1 – Call or Email

Parents or guardians can start the process by calling 877-702-1677 or emailing our admissions team to discuss availability and questions about the program and clinical match.

Step 2 – Interview

Once appropriate releases of information are signed, educational and psychological testing/evaluations, pertinent records, and initial applications are sent to our team for review. Parental and possible resident interviews are conducted and treating professionals are contacted for consultation.

Step 3 – Clinical Acceptance

If the potential resident is found to be an appropriate match for the program by the admissions team, the parents are notified and the admission process continues.

Step 4 – Sign Paperwork & Tour Facilities

Upon acceptance into the program, an application and information packet are sent to the family, an optional tour of the campus is offered Program enrollment forms (along with the admissions deposit) are finalized and sent to Ironwood.

Step 5 – Admission

The admission date and logistics are then set. Ideally, new residents will arrive Monday through Thursday prior to 3 p.m, however we realize this is not always possible and are happy to collaborate on alternative solutions.

Chris Johnson
Admissions Director

It is important that you put a face to the voice you will hear over the phone as he guides you through the admissions process.

Chris Johnson is standing by to support you. Please email or call Chris at 877-702-1677.


Chris Johnson
Admissions Director

Chris has been working with families in your situation for over 15 years and we are confident that you will feel supported and validated during this challenging process. Prior to Ironwood, Chris has worked in a variety of settings including experiential education, adventure therapy, and residential treatment, each working directly with adolescents sharing similar challenges and strengths as your child.

Over the years while at Ironwood, Chris has served in nearly every capacity throughout our program. He has worked on campus, collaboratively with each of our team members, and directly with each student who is enrolled in our program.  His professional history has been entirely devoted to supporting the growth and wellbeing of others.