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A Letter From The Owner

Thank you for visiting our website!

On November 1, 2011, Sue and I purchased Ironwood from the original owners, who founded the program in 2006. This began our current, 6 year personal effort to build upon existing practices, to make Ironwood Maine among the very best therapeutic schools in the country. We are fully committed to the mission of Ironwood, both Sue and I are fully present in the day to day needs of this program, we know each resident and their parents and our decision making process is based upon what we would want if each Ironwood teen were our child. What we have discovered in our first 5 years, is that this work is challenging and demanding, while also being the most internally rewarding work we could have ever imagined. Seeing a struggling teen transition to a better life that includes the desire to reconnect to family, is a true privilege. Sending an Ironwood graduate back home to their loved ones is easily the best part of the work that we do and supersedes the many days that are hard.

Since we have acquired Ironwood (2011), hundreds of families have completed this program and the vast majority of these graduates are doing great things. Our significantly improved educational program now has college as a potential goal for many residents who were uncertain of a high school diploma, just 12 months earlier. Ironwood's 400+ acre campus is breathtaking and a natural conduit for inner healing and a time out from peer pressure, technology and the other stressors of life "back home." In our care, teens experience clear insight and the development of core confidence, within a safe, substance free environment. At Ironwood, the course of a teen's life can radically change direction. I speak from regular and ongoing experience in the field, observing hundreds of residents and their families.

If you are considering this type of help for your loved one, I invite you to personally review the many potential benefits of Ironwood. The Ironwood that exists today is the best Ironwood that has ever existed, simply because we are operating with the collective experience of the 550+ families that have come before you. Today, we are successfully teaching positive living principles to our resident teens. Examples can include the development of emotional intelligence, understanding the human power of resilience, compassion, humility and forgiveness, along with the discovery of peace that can come with an improved connection to family.

Our tag line is correct: we do understand your struggle and we can help during this difficult time. Those who take the time to investigate the details for themselves, will discover resources that will answer most, if not all, personal concerns. We will encourage you to visit our campus, where you can meet and speak with our staff, and our current residents. We also have a large list of graduate parents from all over the country that are willing to share their experience, simply out of gratitude and the desire to be of service to others in need. Parents who decide to partner with Ironwood will soon learn what I shared with you earlier. This work is challenging and demanding, but also potentially more rewarding than you could have ever imagined.

I appreciate you taking the time to review our website and hope to have the opportunity to be of service to your family.


Wes Horton
President; Ironwood Maine

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