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Youth's Bill of Rights

Although Ironwood's rigorous troubled teen program involves hard work, we assure the highest quality of care and take our leadership seriously. We protect your teen through the following philosophy and aspirations:

Our Vows and Assurances for Your Teen:

•  To be treated with respect and to live in a safe environment.

•  To receive care and services as described in your contract with Ironwood.

•  To have your side of a disagreement heard.

•  To be free from discrimination.

•  To have a nutritionally sound diet.

•  To have privacy and confidentiality of information and records.

•  To be disciplined for what you do, and not for the transgressions of other residents.

•  To file grievances or complaints without fear of retaliation.

•  To reside in a safe, clean living environment.

Our Expectations of Your Teen:

•  They are responsible for their choices. To blame, or indicate that they have been victimized by others is not acceptable.

•  They are responsible for personal hygiene, both in their person and in their living space, and for assisting in the community tasks that maintain a clean living space at Ironwood.

•  They are responsible to report any abuse of residents, by residents or staff, and any abuse of animals or property.

•  They are responsible to accept and complete tasks that are assigned to them as part of their service plan.

•  They are responsible to ask questions if they do not understand directions, rules, or procedures.

•  They are responsible for accurate reporting on their health and well-being, and for complying with any prescribed medical intervention directed by a licensed, authorized medical professional.

•  They are responsible for the care of equipment they own, or use.

•  They are responsible to know the fire, health, and other safety plans that are presented to them at Ironwood.

•  They are responsible to maintain confidentiality in their group therapies, and in any assignments that allow them privileged information regarding the program at Ironwood, or any of the residents, or their families.

•  They are responsible to give their best effort to their program, and in turn, to receive the best Ironwood has to offer them in becoming a self-sufficient, productive, caring young adult.

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