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Treatment Options

We understand the often complex needs of families in distress and have translated these needs into a comprehensive package of treatment interventions. As professionals with decades of experience in working with teens and families, we have a clear understanding of what sustains family change and the treatment options that will enable our teens to re-engage and move forward.

Within the framework of individualized treatment of each resident, we offer an intensive 9- to 12-month customized therapeutic program.

Ironwood's 9- to 12-month program is designed to:

1. Re-orient the youth to reality of life and regain a sense of responsibility for emotions and behavior. (This includes an assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.)

2. Evaluate the youth and family regarding the level of disengagement and begin re-engagement and attachment work.

3. Provide a structured daily program to initiate pro-social behaviors and re-define roles. Victim roles, learned helplessness, bullying, tantrums, withdrawal, and holding hostage those who love you, is replaced with reality-oriented role driven by mindfulness toward self and others.

4. Begin development of self-comfort skills to increase ability to manage emotional and physical discomfort and increase tolerance for frustration, and reduce impulsivity.

5. With 24/7 adult guidance and mentoring, the youth begins the journey from their out-of-control lives to a step-by-step passage back to a life influenced by a strong connection with family, friends, nature, and community.

Ironwood is a consequence based multi-level program. The first levels utilize behavioral modification therapies in a wilderness setting. Our staff mentors and carefully guides the student through a journey of introspection and self-discovery. The program is a life-altering, memorable and empowering experience, which promotes self-esteem and self-confidence.

Later levels implement cognitive therapy and positive peer culture in a farmhouse setting. Resident teens are challenged to assume the tasks of caring, helping, changing and living responsibly. Daily mentoring, individual and group therapy, and family involvement prepare teens to transition successfully back to their home, educational facility or work placement.

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