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Ironwood Maine: A Beacon of Hope for Teens in New England

In the heart of New England, Ironwood Maine stands as a beacon of hope for clinicians and parents seeking comprehensive post-hospitalization care for teens in need of mental health services. As a 24/7 Residential Treatment Center (RTC) with a full-time psychiatrist on staff, we understand the urgency and complexity of behavioral health challenges. Our clinical offerings are tailored to provide immediate and effective intervention, with each teen receiving three individual therapy sessions per week, a weekly family therapy session, and a weekly psychiatric visit. Ironwood offers a comprehensive short term program which is typically covered by most insurance plans. Additionally Ironwood also has a long term residential program as well.

Regardless of length of stay, Ironwood is prepared to offer the necessary treatment, guidance, and support to assess, stabilize and help teens build necessary coping and life skills to navigate life. Ironwood’s program focuses on helping teens with emotional regulation, problem solving, adaptability and conflict resolution.

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Beyond clinical therapy, Ironwood ensures that every teen’s academic journey remains uninterrupted. Our accredited school program, recognized by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), offers a curriculum designed to meet individual needs, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention. Our teaching faculty employs a variety of college preparatory curricula, with a special emphasis on distance learning, allowing for smooth academic transitions throughout the year.

Set against the tranquil beauty of midcoast Maine’s countryside, Ironwood provides more than just therapeutic and academic services. The setting is intentionally crafted to promote self-reflection, value identification, and dedication. Teens dive into a program rich in practical life skills, ranging from gardening and sustainable practices to creative arts. The peaceful farm ambiance aids teens in reconnecting with fundamental values, mastering coping strategies, and understanding the foundation of positive, collaborative relationships.

Central to Ironwood’s enrichment initiative is our distinguished equine and animal therapy. We acknowledge the deep connection between humans and animals, and our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program offers both healing and hands-on learning. Teens delve into horse science and structure, and actively participate in horseback riding and are involved in the daily care of the Ironwood horses. Our therapeutic approach also includes interactions with other animals, instilling in teens the virtues of patience, empathy, and accountability.

At Ironwood Maine, our philosophy revolves around holistic recovery, merging clinical proficiency with accredited academics and hands-on experiences, all within a caring atmosphere. We warmly welcome you to delve into the transformative path we pave, where every struggling teen is presented an opportunity to thrive.

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