How Ironwood Maine is Different

Ironwood Maine is a licensed Residential Treatment Center and school with a proven legacy of success in helping families reconnect. The Ironwood program helps teens develop a proper sense of identity, safety, and purpose. Our unique brand of mental health treatment makes the Ironwood experience truly unique while also maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism. Loved ones and referring professionals can be assured Ironwood residents receive the most comprehensive and effective, therapeutic and academic services available.

Intensive therapy is the foundation of Ironwood’s comprehensive program for underachieving and troubled teens. Here, therapy is founded on the basis of relationships – relationships of trust, truthfulness, confidence and integrity. When students are willing to engage in a trusted therapeutic relationship – then learning, change and growth can begin to unfold.

Our therapeutic program includes many different forms of therapy across various Ironwood Maine locations. A therapy session can take place walking along the path of trees through campus, or while sitting on a picnic table next to the pond. It can unfold around a campfire, or in the therapist’s office, or with a variety of animals, wherever the student can be comfortable and the greatest result can be achieved.

Ironwood’s licensed and Masters level therapists have a broad range of experience and expertise. From substance abuse counseling to dialectical behavioral therapy to our renowned animal-assisted therapy and most everything in between, the skilled therapists at Ironwood Maine are specialists in the leading therapies that are designed around resolving conflict, building confidence and reconnecting family systems.