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Parent Resources: Website, Blogs, Courses, Tips

Ironwood Ironwood offers valuable resources and activities for parents to participate in to maximize their involvement, learning and growth. The Ironwood Parent Connect website posts pictures of various student activities as well as progress reports from the Academic and Therapeutic Departments. These updates provide helpful insights to what your child is working on as well as the progress they are making in specific areas. Student photos give parents a virtual photo album of what their child is participating in, from animal therapy to recreational activities and farm projects to field trips. Our student photos keep you abreast of what your child is doing.

Ironwood Parent Connect Website

Ironwood parents also can take online courses to improve their parenting skills. Ironwood has partnered with FamilyIQ and has made their online parenting courses available to you for FREE through Ironwood Parent Connect website. These courses are designed to increase parents' awareness of parenting principles and incorporate specific skills to empower parents to make the most of their Ironwood experience. These courses are also helpful to ensure parents create a different environment for their child upon their return home.

Ironwood Blogs

Various departments at Ironwood also sponsor a blog where they update parents on different activities, issues being addressed as well as sharing insights that students are experiencing.

Ironwood Blog

Ironwood Articles

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