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Our Teens Love This!

Ironwood’s staff use animals not only as a recreational feature of the program but also as a therapeutic tool to help teens deal with deeper emotional issues. Certified instructors and therapists engage young people in simplistic to complex activities with animals to address various therapeutic goals identified by the treatment team. Students learn to assess their own communication, coping skills, anger, caring and attachment issues through caring for, playing and interacting with Ironwood’s horses, dogs, alpacas and other farm animals.

Ironwood’s nationally renowned equine and dog therapists lead students on an introspective journey about relationships, responsibility, values and behavior. Students experience a host of ‘aha’ moments as they see themselves interacting with animals in new and enlightening ways. They see their families and family members in a new light and develop skills to better assist them in communication, handling frustration and anger, and expressing and receiving love. The animals play a huge part in student’s willingness and ability to engage quicker and deeper into underlying issues that have prevented them from being more successful in the past.

Horses and dogs are also used by students for recreational activities including competitive activities both on and off campus. It’s no wonder that students tell us that the animals are their favorite feature of the program even though many of them would not have thought that at the beginning.

Learn the benefits of animal therapy for teens. Read more about Ironwood's Equine-Assisted Therapy Program here.

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