corrine coopshaw

Corinne Coopshaw

Art Teacher / Staffing & Training Coordinator

    My name is Corinne Coopshaw and I am the art teacher and also the staffing and training coordinator. I was born and raised here in this beautiful and adventurous state of Maine and most of my childhood was spent in the great outdoors with my siblings. There was always something to do, whether it be splitting wood, fishing, farm work, hunting, or playing in the lakes.

    After graduating from high school, I chose a path in the United States Navy as a heavy equipment operator with the Seabees. The time I spent in the service is a chapter of my life that I am incredibly grateful for. Serving provided me with opportunities and experiences that I would not have had anywhere else. It was not until I left the military that I decided to enroll at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. There I earned a Bachelor’s degree, with a major in Art Therapy and a minor in Criminal Justice. My journey through college started with the intention of becoming a juvenile probation officer. That shifted after realizing that it would not be the best place for me to help youth in the capacity I was seeking. I feel that the difference that I wanted to make with youth is something I can accomplish through my role here at Ironwood. It is more fulfilling than I could have imagined! I enjoy being a part of and a witness to the phenomenal growth that transpires among the kids and their families.

    I believe that kids excel at Ironwood because of the consistency throughout the program and the support they receive from the compassionate staff. As a team, we do our best to provide them with the tools they need to regulate their emotions and assist them in overcoming obstacles, no matter what they may be. Our approach is not typically a part of a public school curriculum and is one of the many unique aspects of Ironwood. Everything that the kids learn at Ironwood helps build a fundamental foundation designed to set them up for successful futures and restore their self-confidence. One of my favorite quotes that I use with the kids is “Can Do!” and not just because it is the Seabees motto. Another is, “Not one living soul in this universe ever accomplished anything by approaching a problem saying, ‘I Can’t.’ “