Our Program

The Ironwood Clinical Program

The clinical program at Ironwood’s Residential Treatment Center is the bedrock of our success and the lifeline for our residents. Ironwood is honored to employ a team of therapists with diverse backgrounds and training creating a unique breadth and depth of clinical expertise. When a teen arrives at Ironwood, he or she is matched with a therapist who immediately begins thorough research about the teen, their family, and seeks to uncover hidden facts and patterns relating to their history and their family. Great care is taken by each therapist as they seek to form a healthy and trusting relationship with the teen and their family.

Individualized Therapy That Works

Each therapist creates and manages a unique and tailored treatment plan for each teen that is comprised of comprehensive physical, mental, social/emotional, behavioral, and academic assessments. The treatment team, which includes therapists, teachers, direct care staff, and nurse, all participate in the creation of this multidisciplinary plan which is the guidepost for staff to ensure the objectives and goals are understood and met in relation to the teen and their family. The therapist meets with the resident twice weekly for individual therapy and once weekly for family therapy. Teens also participate in group therapy sessions throughout the week. Our therapists utilize various clinical modalities based on the needs of each teen and incorporates such modalities as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), solution-focused therapy, addiction and substance abuse counseling, animal therapy, and motivational interviewing.

Encompassing those modalities is the perspective of developmental psychology and assessing where each teen is on the maturity continuum. Members of the teen’s treatment team meet on a weekly basis to discuss and evaluate his or her progress to ensure goals and objectives are being met.

Intensive Therapy Gets Results

Intensive therapy is the foundation of Ironwood’s impressive success in working with struggling and underachieving teens. At Ironwood, therapy is founded on the basis of relationships – relationships of trust, truthfulness, confidence, and humor. When teens are willing to engage in a trusted therapist – then learning, change, and growth can begin.Therapy takes many forms and is conducted in various locations: Walking or hiking along the path of trees through campus, on a trail ride, sitting on a bench next to the pond, around a campfire or in the therapist’s office or with a variety of animals, wherever the greatest result can be achieved.

Ironwood’s licensed therapists have a broad range of experience and expertise. From substance abuse counseling to dialectical behavioral therapy to our renowned animal-assisted therapy and most everything in between, Ironwood’s skilled therapists are both current and competent. Ironwood’s therapists are far more involved and are a more integral part of the program than elsewhere as evidenced by their offices being situated near the living areas where interaction is both frequent and comfortable. Therapists spend time with residents in their living areas, leading groups, talking with staff, and sharing meals. We have found that when it comes to relationships with residents, proximity and frequency underscore a healthy, respectful, and trusting atmosphere.

We believe that every youth that arrives at Ironwood deserves the utmost respect, along with caring and quality treatment. We also believe that every family deserves consistent, honest and open communication. To ensure that each teen has the maximum opportunity for success after graduation from Ironwood, we provide various parent education modules both during and after the teen’s placement to ensure the parents and family have both identified and internalized new parenting and life skills before their child returns home. Online classes, webinars, blogs, and teleconferences are all part of the therapeutic offerings we provide each parent and family.

Our Student Mentor Program is Very Popular Among Teens

Lastly, Ironwood is proud to provide our residents with the opportunity to return back to the program and participate as a ‘mentor’. Our Student Mentor Program has a significant positive impact on the teen both during and after his or her residence at Ironwood. The Student Mentor Program provides additional motivation for teens to achieve goals while in the program as well as after. Student mentors at Ironwood continue their own academic studies as well as continue to participate in various therapeutic activities and interact with students and parents under the supervision of Ironwood staff. Once approved and accepted, each student mentor is allowed to return to Ironwood free of charge.