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I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” 

Jimmy Dean

             This week, Farmhouse residents were able to go sailing for a resident’s last field trip and day on campus before graduating. Although our time on the water was brief, we were all able to enjoy the nice weather and being on a sailboat. This experience was a first for several residents, and the first time in a while for many others. Some residents fell asleep, and others got very sunburnt, but for most residents it was a really pleasant respite from the regular program. 

             The most special part of being able to go sailing was being able to give a resident the field trip and experience they had been hoping to have for a long time for their final day at Ironwood. It was a great sendoff for a resident that brought a lot of light and positivity into the group dynamic.

             On the topic of graduations, we have had 3 residents graduate from the Farmhouse in recent weeks, with yet another and a Frye resident both graduating tomorrow, the 1st of September. After this, it will be less than a week again before 2 more Farmhouse residents graduate. With the frequency of residents finishing their programs, the dynamic is vastly changing, for better and worse, while the Farmhouse crew is doing their best to navigate the change.

             Everyone is handling this in their own ways, but it is also bringing the now small Farmhouse crew closer together, increasing support and positivity through the group in a number of ways. In addition to this, 2 to 3 Frye residents are expected to be sent up to the Farmhouse in the upcoming week, with a couple more seeming to be arriving within the next few weeks as well. The appearance and dynamic of the group is changing greatly, and with this acceptance and resilience is becoming more important and prominent than ever. The campus is growing closer through new experiences and changes, with many residents seeing themselves and their paths in the success of graduating residents.

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