Ironwood Maine Web UpdateIronwood Maine Web Update

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

Several times this week I have made an effort to Mentor on the Frye campus and I have seen impressive growth in my peers. Recently, I have been challenging myself to find things to appreciate each day, and I am always noticing interesting and impressive things around me. 

At Frye, the boys are working on a primitive shelter during their free time. It is a complex and impressive design of wood, sticks, twine, and brush lashed together. It is a beautiful design and is large enough to house the entire group! It’s even been weather tested surviving a few thunderstorms recently. In addition to the outside adventures at Frye, the Farmhouse students are still putting in a considerable amount of effort in the garden. This time of year, it is extra rewarding because on nearly every trip to work, we are rewarded with fresh produce to bring back to the Farmhouse!

This week at the Farmhouse, the students participated in an “Experiential” therapeutic group in which we attempted to roll a ball down a little tube into a small plastic cup. Each person, standing on a staircase, had a small section of individual tube and we had to work together to complete the challenge. The group failed awfully several times due to lack of follow through, listening, leadership, and all-around lack of seriousness. Eventually the group managed to complete the challenge by learning from our mistakes and implementing a solid plan. It was interesting to see each person’s willingness to change their behaviors that were detrimental to the team into something that was positive. 

At Frye we had a Gentleman’s Group lead by Frye Manager Alex B. The group started with a silent walk to the L-field followed by a meditative cloud-watching activity. After a short time, we circled up and had conversations about where our thoughts took us. One of the re-occurring topics was on bullying and the group discussed ways that it could be addressed and changed in the future. We all enjoyed the peacefulness and the time to think with no distractions or responsibilities. 

In conclusion, both Frye and the Farmhouse have been making positive changes and we are all making the best of what we have. I hope this gave you a little insight to the world of Ironwood, and confidence that we are all doing really well. 

This update was written by a level 4 student who is nearing his graduation date after nearly 1-year on campus. His transformation to a positive perspective has been an incredibly rewarding to experience. It is evident that this student, along with his peers, are truly taking advantage of the safe, supportive, and enriching programming here at Ironwood.