Ironwood Maine Web Update

The present is a fulcrum on which the future and the past lie balanced.

-Jonathan Schell

This week, with Family Weekend quickly approaching, both campuses have been operating at full capacity in preparation for the exciting event!

At Frye, residents have been participating in campus beautification, getting haircuts, and finishing up on individual goals to which they are hopeful to share with their parents. Due to an impressive amount of focus, they’ve also managed to acquire quite a bit of free time at the end of each day in order to enjoy a variety of games that came from recent holiday presents. 

At the Farmhouse, one of the most significant activities was this month’s Ethnic Night. The farmhouse residents prepared a Native American meal that consisted of buffalo stew, maple bacon baked beans, fried flatbread, and wild rice. We even made a traditional desert of maple candy!

This week’s Social group session provided an opportunity to discuss changes that need to be made in our group dynamics. We created a nightly “tea-time” objective where the residents can discuss positive and constructive feedback for one another. So far, residents seem to enjoy the “tea-time,” as it provides a successful solution to help push our group culture towards more positivity. During the Staff Enrichment block, we learned about persuasive writing and it’s many applications using a fun article about extraterrestrial life. 

As you can see and like always, it has been another busy week on campus! We are all enthusiastic about our day to day activities and have an extra sense of excitement with Family Weekend so near. We are all looking forward to seeing our families and are excited to share what we’ve accomplished as of late. 

See you soon!

*Ironwood has welcomed six new residents to our campus, in these first weeks of 2020. We have indeed been busy, as we continue our efforts to meet the unique needs of everyone who is with us.  Our January Family Weekend is the coldest one of the year and it comes at a great time when your kids benefit from the warmth and familiar security found from those “back home”.  There will likely be less time outdoors, but perhaps this is a blessing to allow for more direct conversations of supportforgiveness and resolve?  The Ironwood journey is a work in progress and amazing things can happen on this campus…even in January.  For those of you traveling to Maine next week, please dress smart (which means casual, comfortable, layers, gloves, hats, scarves, shoes/boots designed for snow/ice).  4WD or AWD vehicles are also smart if at all possible.  Also allow for extra time in getting to and around the Ironwood campus.  Travel safe and for our many new families, April will be here before you know it.  Have a nice weekend.  😊