Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

This week has been a whirlwind! 

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is nearly over, however, this week’s events have offered an opportunity to reflect on all that has occurred this past year. Christmas brought a joyous and jolly spirit to everyone on campus, yet, there was also reason for each of us to be emotional with the absence of family. 

In addition to Christmas day and other holiday events, we have all been participating in a myriad of activities that focused on acknowledgment and appreciation of our experiences and our success over the course of 2019. It is nearly breathtaking to think about how all of these small things add up to make up so much time, and how quick it feels when looking back on it. 

There are a lot of changes in group dynamics both at Frye and at the Farmhouse. New students are arriving at Frye and the Farmhouse is bustling with home visits, graduations, and promotions to the Lakehouse. These noteworthy events of recent intakes, graduations, and level changes are a great example of moments that create reflective space for each of us to take stock on how we all are doing and what we are setting our sights on in the future. 

In addition to the holiday events and student transitions, this week’s peer groups of DBT, Art, and Character development have been empowering and uplifting. In art, we have made a molded mask of our face out of plaster. Once dried, we have painted and personalized them to be a metaphorical resemblance of ourselves. Character Development has been impactful by helping us to explore a wider perspective of character like integrity, perseverance, and attitude. 

There are so many small Ironwood experiences that seem insignificant at the time, but when you step back and add them all together, you realize that it is all of those small details, expectations, and opportunities to learn and explore that create a place for us to become the best versions of ourselves. I wish each of you the jolliest of weekends and hope that you can also take a moment to add up all of the small things in your life this year that are making you better for the future!

*This level 4 resident is correct in describing Ironwood as a whirlwind!  SO much is going on these days and we are trying our best to remain tight, as a community of human beings with similar goals.  Our weekend author has found her stride and it wasn’t that long ago that she was stuck, not knowing if this was all worth it in the end.  Well, we see her expressions each day and her new interest in stepping up to lead her peers to do good work (*not stuck).   We also see her smiling more than ever before.  Interesting isn’t it, when “we humans” move away from our deficiency focus and discover ways to integrate in to the world around us.  That is true growth!  Have a nice weekend and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2020.