Ironwood Maine Web Update

It sure is hard to believe that December is right around the corner, as time passes so quickly at Ironwood.  It is starting to feel like December, though, with dropping temps and our Admin and Beaver Ponds displaying their first thin, transparent coatings of ice.  This week, we have had it all in the weather department to include light snow, rain, overcast skies and even a little bit of sun.  Our campus thrives in all seasons and this week was no different.  

Our Thanksgiving Day presented a full day of activities and a day off from the usual activities of therapy…and school.  Breakfast egg sandwiches were devoured early and the smell of bacon was still being talked about in to the early afternoon hours.  Following chores, both campuses were combined for some relaxed time together.  Some chose billiards, ping pong and table games, while others elected to blow off steam by playing dodge ball in the indoor arena. 

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner was served to all residents and staff who worked this holiday.  There was plenty of food to go around and we observed many Farmhouse residents encouraging their less senior Frye peers on the benefits of working hard and staying the course.  We saw plenty of smiles and while it is difficult to be away from family during these times, we do try hard to make it as pleasant as possible.  This is one year after all and future holidays will likely be so much better as healthy reconnection is the ultimate goal for all of us.

Following dinner, both campuses enjoyed a light hearted movie…and then off to hygiene, journaling, quiet time and lights out.

The timing of this last Family Weekend, being before Thanksgiving, was not lost on our residents, or their parents.  Although it looked different for each family, there was a lot of positive energy on campus, along with gratitude, hope and optimism for a brighter future.  As the days carry on, we could feel the anxiety dissipate as new communication skills and different ways of being with one another were practiced. There is a lot of good material that comes from the days spent together on-campus, and off for some.  Residents better understand why they are here and many will be energized to do the work necessary to return home.  We also better understand the unique family dynamic of each IW resident and the role that this plays in the behaviors we are trying to influence and adjust.  We trust that every mother and father was reassured that their child is in a safe place, with a collective team of intentional, caring, and hard-working people.  

A senior level resident who prepares for an upcoming December home visit offered this insight:

“The tradition of a Family Weekend is a powerful tool and a model for the active efforts of families to remain healthy.  I hope that we all can take these lessons into the household, creating a continued movement of hope.”

Hope, peace, gratitude, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, support and love…FAMILY 😊