Ironwood Maine Web Update

This week has been unusually busy with the follow up work that flows from an Ironwood Family Weekend.  There is always the processing of family experiences in “the week after” and we love to see residents rise, due to their discovery of the love and support that exists from members visiting from home.  This unconditional love is not always known in the minds of Ironwood teens and for them, confirmation comes most apparently from your eye contact, affection, careful words of support and understanding.  In the weeks leading up to Family Weekend, residents are reminded of how much their family loves them and this is the best fuel of endurance during an Ironwood journey.  

This week, we had two Frye residents present for advancement to the Farmhouse and in both cases, there was NO DOUBT that their family’s healthy influence played a role in their openness and desire to push on to a better life.  Nice work!

We have also spent an above average amount of time this week, unwinding the impact of family time together that was difficult and counter-productive.  While we will often fall back on this as being a natural part of the process, it never ceases to be challenging.  Several Farmhouse residents from last week are now Frye residents this week. Long standing family dynamics, habits and real-world distractions are also a part of these weekends and the resident/staff/family partnership will move forward with greater clarity in coming weeks, as a result of these experiences.  

We believe and we coach to our residents (your kids) that it is possible to create a future life that is far better than you could have ever imagined.  One can visualize to reality, an honest life of hope, deeper love and purpose.  This, like all good things, requires effort and a movement away from the natural desire to avoid change.  Your kids are told that it is so worth it, your kids are told that this is well within their ability and reach.  Your kids also reflect back to us in their words and actions that they are open, at least for a time, to see if this can be a possibility for them back home.  Thank you for supporting Ironwood in your critical leadership role.  Through you, great things are possible.

Have a nice weekend.