Ironwood Maine Web Update

“When we master attitude, we master how we go about our daily lives.”


Life is full of trials and tribulations. How successful we are in dealing with those hardships relies heavily on our attitude. Ironwood is a microcosm of life, and therefore, offers plenty of opportunities for us to determine the attitude we need to build greater success. 

​Recently at the Farmhouse, two members of our community completed their own Ironwood journeys, moving on to new and personal endeavors. Change is imminent and it is known to us that both staff and students are not permanent fixtures in this program. Despite this recurrence, the students of Ironwood remain positive and flexible, learning to move forward in the days after, in a productive and progressive manner. 

​Residents at Frye this week have also been presented with learning opportunities focused on the importance of attitude. These lessons help them build character and realize what they need in order to create a strong community. In the most recent experiential session at Frye, the boys were faced with a tough challenge. The entire group was blindfolded except for two people. These two people that could see, led the blind majority of boys around campus with a long rope that each of them held on to. We learned from this experiential that when we find ourselves in tough situations (like this one), we have to adapt a focused and positive attitude in order to increase the likelihood of overall success. 

Another Frye group also completed an interesting activity in Art class: the assignment was to share a painting. What determined how much time each person had to paint, was how long it took the person going after them to fill a cup of water using a tablespoon. The finished product was something that could be described as “mud.” Nonetheless, this boys’ group was content with the activity for the excitement and fun surrounding it. Instead of getting upset over how the painting turned out, the Frye boys kept a positive attitude and focused on other aspects of the activity that were appealing. 

​Ironwood is a program that reflects many of the challenges that we will face in our day-to-day, future lives. It is up to us to decide whether we will allow these obstacles to discourage us, or make us stronger. Attitude is key!

*We again present a weekend update that was written by a level 4 resident who has made great strides during his time at Ironwood.  Level 4 residents carry a heavy load of responsibilities, as they practice leadership to their peers (and staff), all the while developing a future skill set that will be relevant for many years to come.  While we sometime see that our level 4 residents are stressed, we mostly see a noticeable rise in confidence, patience, concern for others and excitement for the future…THE GOOD STUFF!  We hope that family members “back home” have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing many of you next week!