Ironwood Maine Web Update

“The best measure of courage is the fear that is overcome.”

Norman F. Dixon

This week, we were able to experience the widely adored holiday of Halloween. From a haunting at Fort Knox to last minute costume creations, the Lakehouse has become fully immersed within the spirit of the season.

The Lakehouse community has been involved in a variety of seasonal activities. With our allowances, residents have made purchases at stores such as Goodwill, Target, and Dollar General to create their very own Halloween persona. Hair dye spray, Face paint, and wigs are only a few examples of what has been fittingly bought for the holiday. Residents have visited multiple haunted events, one of them including a “Fright at the Fort” at Fort Knox in Bucksport, ME.

This week in the Lakehouse, our Clinical Group discussed the importance of support. Not only is the holiday of Halloween upon us, but the season of fall is as well. Fall is a transition of its own, with the process of summer developing into winter. Leaves change and trees become dormant, but they are kept alive by their roots. Out support systems are our roots. They keep us growing even through the most difficult changes.

The Lakehouse community is now taking regular trips to the Augusta Public Library. As the temperature begins to decline, reading has become a popular activity. I took the time to ask some of the other Lakehouse residents about this and here is what I’ve learned:

“What books have you found yourself diving into since you’ve had access to the library?” 

​Student 1- Mythology, Historical Non-Fiction, Fantasy Fiction

Student 2 – Instructional photography, Romance, Sci-Fi,

Student 3 – Biographies (Obama, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant)

Student 4 – Biographies (musicians)

If we take a second glance at the holiday of Halloween, we can view it as a metaphor for us to face our fears. Although it’s typically known for glorifying ghosts and ghouls, Halloween can also encourage us to take some positive risks. Whether this includes going through your first haunted house or finding the courage to reach out to your support system, this is a perfect time of year to overcome whatever may be holding you back from having your best season yet!

This weekly update was written by a Level 4 student who is enrolled in our Lakehouse program. As this student describes, the Lakehouse participants are challenged to incorporate the skills they have developed on our Morril campus out into the community at large. It is wonderful to see.