Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Autumn carries more gold in it’s pockets than any other season.”

Jim Bishop

Things have been swell around campus this week with a highlight of THREE student birthdays on Tuesday! This certainly added to the overall positivity amongst the groups. Students are still buzzing about all of our new gear and clothing to keep us warm and comfortable during the colder months of the year. In addition to the changes of scenery and clothing, the campuses will be transitioning schedules as well. With the shorter days and longer nights, we have to alter our chore and dinner times to make sure the horses get back to their stalls before dark. We are also looking forward to new Staff Enrichment groups as the garden comes to a close. The rumor is that there will be a creative writing class as well as the opportunity for us to complete a CPR/First Aid course. 

But, before all this change, we must wrap up summer. We are learning how to finish out the final stages of the garden as most of the flowers have passed their prime and nearly all of the vegetables and greens need to be harvested. There are plans to pickle and can some of the produce as we are not able to eat it fast enough! We are also collecting an abundance of gourds from the gardens to use to decorate all of Ironwood!

I took the time to ask a few level 3 students about their thoughts on recent campus activities and events and I received several enthusiastic responses! One resident who historically had not been a fan of physical activities said she has really been enjoying playing and learning about all the different sports on Tuesdays. Another resident shared their appreciation for clinical groups this week. In experiential, we did a game similar to charades and I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, and I think it brought people closer together. In DBT group, we talked about resentment, and how unhealthy it is. We had the opportunity to share our own personal experiences, and I think it helped students open up more within the group.

Many people are feeling motivated by the beautiful Autumn colors that are beginning to show. The schedule is changing as much as the environment around us and a huge campus celebration is on the horizon with the annual Ironwood Fall Festival. It’s both exciting and disappointing to experience all of the changes around campus. I think we are all going to miss the summer in Maine, but we have a lot to look forward to, as well.

This weekly update was written by a student who was recently promoted to Level 4. It is always refreshing to hear a first-hand account on how our students are perceiving the world around them. We hope that you are able to recognize and appreciate that we all have a lot to look forward to. Have a great weekend!