Ironwood Maine Web Update

“There is no try, only do.”


This weekly update will focus on initiative and how residents have chosen to “go for it” this week. While thinking about this update and making my rounds over campus this week, I couldn’t help but notice that the group dynamics are changing just as rapidly as the leaves above us. Although the groups have had a history of struggling, things seem to be turning more productive and positive. 

The Farmhouse recently enjoyed a trip to MOFGA, (Maine Organics Farmers and Gardeners Association) where the residents were able to watch a sheep dog herding demonstration. It was amazing to see what the shepherd and dog teams were able to do with seemingly such simple communication. After the demonstration, the students were able to stick around and meet some of the dogs that showed off their herding skills. In addition to all the other fair activities, Ironwood residents submitted some home grown produce to the agriculture exhibition at MOFGA. Overall, Ironwood won 5 Ribbons acknowledging the hard work and follow through the students have put in all seasonat our gardens.

Back on campus, this week’s Experiential therapy group created a space for each of us to be brave and push students to take initiative in their programs. The girls group took part in a Trust Fall exercise. This activity was an opportunity for us to take initiative to become more trusting and trustworthy. The group made a commitment to continue this work outside of this group and implement the lessons learned in everything we do on campus. 

While the Farmhouse students were enjoying time away from campus at MOFGA, the Frye students were also making the most of the fall season. Students took time on Sunday to harvest apples from campus and turn them into homemade applesauce! The students took the initiative to make a sweet treat by first making an effort to be very thorough and efficient during deep clean to allow more ample free time. The Frye groups took away new culinary skills and they stayed focused in order to accomplish their goal. The applesauce activity provided the Frye students with new skills and a new perspective on their group dynamics. 

All in all, Ironwood is in good spirits and the students are really making the most of all of the opportunities on campus. We hope that each of you can be inspired by their child’s initiative, and utilize initiative in your own way!

*This week’s update was written by a level 4 resident who will be graduating next week.  This young lady has grown tremendously, especially in the last few months and we are celebrating her efforts and achievements, as she will soon be reunited with her family. 

Have a nice weekend!