Ironwood Maine Web Update

This week is like any other week on the Ironwood campus. We are accomplishing a lot! The garden is still a primary focus of resident chores and it has been tough keeping up with the weeds, lately! Everyone is putting in a little extra effort to get this area in tip top shape for Family Weekend with hopes to harvest lots of produce for the Family Weekend Dinner! We are growing all types of things, but recently, we’ve been harvesting tons of fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and dill. Also, in full bloom right now are our 8-foot-tall corn stalks, towering tomatoes, and a variety of peppers. 

In other news, the newest Farmhouse addition Umi, our soon to be seeing-eye dog, scarfs up our attention like it was a dog treat! We bring her with us all over campus on walks, to all of our groups, and sometimes even to off campus to appointments. Part of her responsibilities with us is to learn basic dog expectations like sitting and going to her crate. We are currently working on her not pulling on the leash while out for a walk. 

Another recent addition to our Ironwood family is Homer, our 16.5 hand high horse! So far, he is a great fit for the students on campus. He is very calm and gentle, but has tons of quirky energy. He hasn’t yet met the other members of the heard, as we typically wait about two weeks before introducing the horses to one another. 

Another exciting thing going on this week is a new face in the student group. A past resident is back on campus to mentor. She graduated the Ironwood program nearly 3 years ago and has returned to offer each of us advice and first-hand experience on life after Ironwood. So far, she has been focused on what she enjoyed and the struggles she encountered during her time at Ironwood. Her perspective has been very helpful to us because it offers hope and validation for everything that we are working through, currently. 

This is a snap shot of what’s new around campus this week.  We are all looking forward to Family Weekend and will spend a lot of time and energy next week setting up for a very full campus schedule! While this time can be stressful for us, getting to spend time with our families is an incredible reward that we all look forward to. Have a good weekend! 

*We thank our level 4 “blue,” for writing this Weekend Update.  It’s very satisfying to see the growth that takes place with all of our residents, who learn so much in these months about themselves, their families and the world that surrounds them.  Enjoy you Labor Day Weekend and SAFE TRAVELS for all of you heading north next week!