Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Speed does not indicate the effort you put in; effort is measured in results. Not on a watch.”


This week there has been a noticeable effort to create both fun and exciting activities as well as several spaces for students to process and reflect. These situations have been in addition to our typical weekly routine and is a direct result of our cohesiveness and work ethic. Each of the student groups on both campuses are becoming very effective as a team. 

At Frye, the boys’ group is making the most of the warm months and they stay engaged in a variety of athletic activities. When there is free time, students will take advantage of the basketball court or can-jam!  The Farmhouse students are similar in their approach to free time. Lately, the sport of choice has been volleyball! In addition to these free time adventures, both campuses’ have scheduled “Sports” block built into the weekly routine. These blocks help support character growth in leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork! Not only do the students have fun playing team-games, they take time to learn the history of a sport, become familiar with the rules, and learn strategies shared by the professionals!

In Experiential Therapy group this week, we were again challenged to work as a team. The task involved all members of a group and required them to create a popsicle stick tower. The goal was to see how high the tower could be built without collapsing. What’s the catch you ask…. we could no talk during the activity. This showcased our ability to adapt to difficult circumstances and use a variety of communication in order to succeed. 

In addition to sports, and hard work in the barn and garden, each of the Ironwood students are putting forth their full effort each morning during morning exercise. The gender groups rotate between a strength or cardio based program each day. This Wednesday, for the boys cardio group, we decided to run the entire Frye Loop. This is a little over a mile through the woods! We take pride in working hard and acknowledge results in each of the areas of our program, and we all hold one another to a high standard. 

This entire week, the groups have shown vigilance, and kept a forward-thinking perspective. This theme led to several great days and a whole lot of fun around campus! The effort from each of us paid off in the ability to have so many opportunities to enjoy our time here at Ironwood. 

This Weekly Update was brought to you by a student who recently received his Level 4 Blues! Like most of his co-residents, he is enjoying the variety of programming offered here on campus and has a new-found appreciation for the benefits of being efficient with daily routines and chores. It is rewarding for us all to see a student ‘Tighten their laces’  and make the most of their time on campus.  Have a great weekend!