Ironwood Maine Web Update

“It’s not what you believe in, it is the fact that you believe. “


This week at Ironwood, all residents have been encouraged to believe in not only who they are, but also the goals that they have set out to accomplish within their individual programs. While interviewing students for this report, it was encouraging that many within each of the levels on campus, were feeling confident due to the progress they had made, including positive outlooks regarding their future goals. It became obvious to me that there was a clear difference in students who had made up their mind that they were going to be grow and become successful, compared to those who were still unsure and even still resisting the need to make changes in their lives. 

This coming weekend, Ironwood will set sail for a sunset cruise on the Timberwind, a classic schooner sailboat located in Belfast harbor. As the temperatures continue to rise, and the chores increase in the garden and around the barn, this weekend adventure on the water will provide a much needed off-campus getaway for all of us (at the Farmhouse). Before the trip, we are expecting a delivery of 1600 bails of hay that will need to be offloaded and stored in the second level of the barn, just above the stalls.  That’s a lot of hay!

Several students have received promotions recently, following their hard work and determination. A few residents have transitioned over to the Lakehouse, two students have walked the Frye trail to be welcomed to the Farmhouse, and one level three student has just earned level 4 blues! There is always a lot of movement at Ironwood, mostly forward and even when there are setbacks, they are meant to bring personal issues to the surface that need attention, so that personal progress can follow, afterwards.

July is almost over and time continues to pass quickly at Ironwood.  The days are so much longer than just a few months ago and most evenings are cool and pleasant.  We hope that all is well back home and that all Ironwood family members have a nice weekend!