Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Then is not now.”


Coming into this week, it was hard not to reflect on the progress that all of the students have made. In the midst of summer, with many graduations and plenty of opportunities to make memories through fun events, it is seem to be a summer of success. 

Down at Frye, the groups seem to have been enjoying each other’s presence a lot more. Many laughs and positive interactions are being observed, most likely because of weather enjoyment. The hay was delivered down at the mini barn which was pretty cool and rewarding to be a part of. At the Farmhouse, a couple of female residents will be departing very shortly! During our house meeting on Wednesday a male resident facilitated a group exercise about passive aggression. This is something both groups struggle with and it was beneficial. Farmhouse is very solution based right now and we were all able to put a relational contract in place!

This week in recovery, my group (the girls) talked about how significant music is to us all. Music is something that we agreed will always be enjoyable and even necessary to some, like me. It could also be negative if abused, just like summer. Summer is a season that we all enjoy, but it can also come with risks, which is something that people transitioning home need to remember. Life can bring beautiful, hopeful and successful things to us, but it is what you do with your opportunities that means the most. 

As many know, summer brings good weather and beautiful landscapes. This week’s sports group was occupied by kickball at the Farmhouse in which everyone enjoyed in the good weather. Art class this week taught us to use watercolor techniques to create an array of colorful flowers. These two groups, talked about positivity throughout these sessions. 

From upcoming graduations, beautiful weather, and positive interactions increasing, this summer is headed for great success! Getting outside and soaking up rays can increase your mood more that you think! Try something new and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy the benefits that come from it!

**We thank our level 4 resident, who shared these thoughts about the week, as she prepares to head home.  These feelings of guarded optimism reflect wisdom that all family members need to keep front and center in their minds. A return to home grows closer for everyone at Ironwood and those who work hardest and prepare the most (from love) always stand the best chance for long-term connection and success.  We wish you all a wonderful summer weekend.