Ironwood Maine Web Update

Our campus is a community in which teens can learn how to take care of themselves and contribute within a group. It is a safe place that students can learn to feel comfortable emotionally and physically. To me, Ironwood is an extension of the family by way of support through challenging growth, accountability, and an ability to be happy.

This is Family Weekend, a time in which families will re-connect on campus with intentions to bridge the gap of life at Ironwood to life at home. It is an opportunity for students to share first hand all of the projects they have been working on. It offers a structured environment for families to navigate challenges together. It creates a space to rekindle affection and understanding.

During this event, our students will perform a musical concert with a multi-instrumental band. They have spent months learning a variety of musical techniques, practicing songs, and preparing to put on a show. Families will also group up for a baking session in which students can prove just how comfortable they are in the kitchen! Students will also be able to take their family on a tour of the farms working sugar shack, where we have been harvesting and producing our very own maple syrup.

For our newer students, this weekend offers the additional perspective of motivation. There is nothing more contagious than positive excitement and feeling a sense of pride on campus. While spending the weekend exploring the mountain, practicing wilderness skills, and playing group games, each of them leave the weekend with a drive to progress through the program in order to be prepared to share during the next Family Weekend.

While our campus is bustling with activity at this moment due to the family weekend events, be rest assured that our “new comer’s” are being well taken care of. We are very proud of, and have great confidence in all our employees, particularly, those staff who spend this time with group of residents who are in their contemplative stages of their journey.

While Ironwood will never be home for our students, we are proud to be a part of the family…for now. Thank you for putting your trust in Ironwood.