Ironwood Maine Web Update

The summer season has brought much excitement to us students here! The beautiful weather has allowed us to spend our time outdoors in the garden. Gardening plays a big role in our summer activities and we come to discover more about ourselves and the wonderful life of plants. 

The garden has many learning opportunities to offer us and it provides us with its peaceful sanctuary. Time spent in the garden planting, weeding, and watering helps us to find peace while being productive in the daily hustle and bustle of chores. The garden is no small task and depends on our hard work and management of responsibilities. 

As we begin new chapters in our life, we will still bring with us all we have learned at Ironwood. Many of us have found a passion for gardening and plan on starting our own garden as a source of purpose in our free time. Involving ourselves in projects like gardening is a great way to express our creativity through working with our Earth. 

As I return to the garden every morning, I immediately notice even the smallest growth the plants have made. In spring, we planted our seeds and were unsure what to expect…now, only months later, we are using fresh vegetables that we grew from seed, in our salads! We have become appreciative of the little things, as we recognize the hard work that is put into our organic snacks. 

My dad has always taught me to “celebrate the little victories in life” and the garden is a perfect example of that life lesson. After a day in the garden we gain a strong sense of accomplishment. Something about watching the growth of small seeds blossom into healthy plants, feeds my soul with appreciation for the many gifts that nature has to offer. I hope that you can all reflect some on the meaning behind this update in your life, back home. The rewards of a garden are sure to bring a sense of accomplishment and gratitude to your life.

This week’s update (written by a senior resident) is a detailed look into one of Ironwood’s most rewarding experiential projects. This “research” blog gives students the chance express personal opinion of a particular aspect of the program, sharing it with other students and families at home. They are also encouraged to process how the activity can be utilized “post-Ironwood,” as a future resource of healthy living.

We so appreciated meeting most of you last weekend and wish you a restful and meaningful weekend.