Ironwood Maine Web Update

This week’s update is about the animals around the Ironwood campus and the new things happening with them. The animals that will be talked about, involve the horses at the big barn, the birds out in the garden, the new chicks and ducks that are hatching at the Farmhouse, two cats, and the familiar Ironwood dog. 

This facet of the program is beneficial to the students, staff, and families of the Ironwood community because of the therapeutic value they offer. From EAP’s with the horses, to snuggles with the dogs, these creatures can “turn that frown upside down” in no time.

After spending so much time with these furry friends, it is obvious to us the positive impact that animals have on us. If more people would focus their attention to the animals of the world, looking at them as friendly and helpful, we would all benefit. Everyone could enjoy the positives from a loyal animal of their own, because they demonstrate care and respect for you. I see this in the real world all the time with dogs, horses, cats, and more. Showing respect and receiving respect works, whereas one-sided selfishness does not.  You have to be giving, to create a bondwith others. 

While researching this integral part of the Ironwood program, I went through the experience of a horse that I am personally connected with. “ONE TIME” Richie, who has just departed from our barn last Sunday, June 2nd, headed to his new training facility. Also, his pasture buddy Patsy will be heading to her new barn, soon. Saying goodbye to these two horses is difficult on the community and they are always, dearly missed. Aside from the horses, there are four new baby Killdeers who just hatched this week and they will finally be leaving the nest in the garden. Also, the little brand new chicks are hatching! The first two just broke through their shell, into a new life. The big dog Bruin has been spreading love to everyone for years along with the campus cats, Oliver and Charlie, who spend most of their time roaming around and doing their own thing. 

The lives of the animals on the Ironwood campus have been leaving big effects on our community. So many benefits can come out of spending time with horses, dogs, cats, and even birds. I hope this has changed your view on animals and how much of an impact they can make on all of us at Ironwood. They aren’t just pests, or pets, they are a valuable part of our daily lives. 

This week, we return to one of our level 4 residents, to author the Weekend Update.  We’ve added an option for students to either write an all-inclusive general update covering the highlights of the week, or to focus  in-depth on one aspect of our program and the impact it has on our campus and future. We hope you enjoy this resident contribution and we wish you all a restful and safe weekend.