Ironwood Maine Web Update

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

The theme of the week is about taking chances that we are nervous about because it might not work out. As we all know, without taking that chance, we will never truly know our capabilities and opportunities for progress and success.  

Each group at both the Farmhouse and Frye is functioning really well. The students seem to be working nicely as a group, engaging in all of the opportunities on campus, and taking a lot of ownership in their own individual programs. 

This week, one of the many clinical groups that connected with a lot of students was DBT. The activity facilitated was focused around a mindfulness activity and each student was assigned a particular listening trait to embody. One group of students were block listeners, another assertive listeners, and a 3rd group focused on being a reflective listeners. It was a fun way to help each of us learn how to communicate well with others and how it is important for you to be a listener and how your approach to listening affects the other person. 

An enrichment activity that we focused on this week was continuing to prepare the Ironwood gardens. We finished pulling out all the winter weeds, leftover brush, and had 28 yards of compost delivered. Several hours were also spent spreading and tilling the compost into the garden. Most of the group members were excited about their new experience tending to a garden, working with the earth, and getting their hands a little dirty. 

The post this week was about how people don’t take chances that are in front of them because they are anxious, they fear they will get hurt, or even fail. I hope that we can all look at this point, committing that when an opportunity presents itself, wewill make an effort, and take a chance to challenge ourselvesand grow towards a better life.

*Another Level 4 resident provides us all with this week’s update.  It’s so satisfying for those working here to see “blues” rising in confidence and becoming strong leaders within their peer groups.  Time flies on this campus and it wasn’t long ago that this same person was truly stuck and uncertain of his future.  We wish all at home a fantastic holiday weekend. “Take a shot” at something new and GO BRUINS!