Ironwood Maine Web Update

The word ending is just a different way of saying beginning.

Farm House Resident

This week at Ironwood there have been many endings. Our favorite dog Koko has just left, to be a Seeing Eye dog! Many residents have moved on to the next level of their program and spring is starting to really show!

At the Farm House this week, our ending with Koko has brought a new beginning with a puppy called Umi. There have also been a few residents that have graduated level 3 and 4. Those done with level 4 went on to a new beginning at the Lakehouse. At Frye this week, residents are happy winter has ended and spring is here. They are looking forward to their summer activities and to be engaged in sports. Word around campus Is that we are planning a school wide Olympics!

This week a resident returned from his home visit and I took the time to ask him a few questions.

Question: You have spent several months in this program and are about to graduate. How has this program been beneficial to you?

Answer: “It has helped me. I’ve noticed that I’ve gained self-confidence. I have learned new ways to manage or deal with struggles I’ve had before and developed a new mindset that makes me view my life in a more positive way.”

Question: You are now ending your program. How are you feeling about your new beginning?

Answer: “I feel confident with my future. I have found the path that I want to go down. I am applying to colleges. I was able to find a job. I feel that the direction I am going in will benefit my life experiences.”

To conclude this weekly update, I wanted to wish you all a very happy spring and to encourage you to look at the conclusion of one thing as an opportunity to begin something new!

Having a senior resident write the weekend family update is also something new for us at Ironwood.  One of the things that we like about this change is that is offers up an opportunity for all of us to see an example of change that can take place during a teens time on our campus.  In most cases, the arrival of new residents to our program is difficult.  Generally speaking, we receive young individuals who are closed minded, anxious, angry, confused and sad.  Slowly, a transition emerges and we begin to see confidence grow through the Ironwood team effort that involves the resident, staff and family back home.  How wonderful!  We hope you have a nice weekend.