Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than outward circumstances.”

Benjamin Franklin

The journey to finding happiness is a long one, but every person must start somewhere. Happiness can be found in things big or small, and can be surface level or deep rooted. 

This week at Ironwood, we have had some very significant events happen. One level 4 student has graduated and is excited to move on to the opportunities ahead. Another will be graduating in the coming days, and campus is full of pride for all of the hard work exemplified by both of these residents throughout their journey. Strong leadership is being shown on each campus by way of student mentors guiding their peers to successful strategies and positive perspectives. 

In girls’ social group and Frye, a level four resident led a team builder that focused on self-awareness and happiness. We burnt pictures that we drew of our inner demons, and then said 3 positive affirmations confirming why we want to rid ourselves of the negative voice in our heads. I think that it left the group feeling hopeful and motivated. Self-appreciation is very important to achieving happiness, and this is one activity that can jumpstart that habit.

Horseback riding and equine experience have been really awesome this week. Many residents reported that they feel happy around our equine friends. We were finally able to go on the first trail ride of the year! This left both residents and horses smiling and giddy! Then, after supper, a few Farmhouse girls were able to ride bareback in the indoor area for a peaceful nighttime ride!

Happiness can be found anywhere at any time. Finding joy from small external things is important, and so is finding it within yourself. All in all, no matter where you are, try to always acknowledge something to make you smile and feel good about yourself. 

*This update had been delivered by a graduating level 4 resident who has come so far in her IW journey.

Have a great weekend everyone and let’s all try to follow the advice given in this update’s closing paragraph