Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry.”

Jim, Ironwood Maine Staff

Is it spring, mud, transition, or just a typical Maine week?!!? It seems like we never know what to expect. This past week we’ve had 70-degree weather, days of rain, a snow flurry, and enough mud to build a house! Yet still, the warm weather, transitions, greening grass, and grazing horses are making it easier to welcome each new day. 

Both the Frye and Farmhouse enjoyed the holiday of Easter recently. It was a laid-back day on campus in which all of the residents enjoyed a delicious ham dinner. One of the staff members dyed our morning milk with pink and green food coloring and several of the residents took time to decorate the buildings with colored eggs on the walls. 

Throughout the week, the Farmhouse groups have really formed a consistently supportive and hardworking team. The daily chores are completed both efficiently and thoroughly each day without much tension between us. At Frye, students are spending a lot of time outside, which seems to be grounding for us all. I think that the opportunity for us to be separated from technology and more engaged in the environment around us allows us to be less distracted, present, and centered within ourselves. 

During Character Development Class this week, the students participated in a Spelling Bee! The students were all surprisingly competitive and had a good time with this activity. The winning word this round was “Mosaic.” At Frye, the students enjoyed a culinary group, which gestured the all-popular sun butter cookies! On Earth Day, students learned about the causes and effects of water pollution, as well as how to properly sort trash. We also spent time playing handball while a few students played a round of cards. 

Students are constantly growing and expanding their minds to prepare for the bright future that they are capable of. Have a good week, try something new, and remember to recycle!

*We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but this weekly update was again, produced by a Level 4 resident who is wrapping up her Farmhouse experience, before heading off to our Lakehouse.  We are enjoying resident participation in these reports and hope that you are too.  Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, as our equine team is very excited to watch their distant cousins run!