Ironwood Maine Web Update

“One swallow does not make a spring; neither does one fine day.”


Spring is coming! The long cold winter has finally begun to soften. The snow has melted and all snow pants have been inventoried. 

The Farmhouse has been cherishing these beautiful days by engaging in outdoor activities, such as playing handball and making fires. The groups at Frye are delighted that the winter is over and they can begin to shed their orange coats. 

In experiential group, the students learn how to work better together by finding the root of the issue. They do this in fun team builders and open conversations. At Frye, a team builder around giving your peer positive feedback helped everyone realize the unique characteristics and admirable traits about their peers. At the Farmhouse, many students have become CPR and First Aid certified. This course encouraged the students to learn new skills and help protect the community. One exciting new edition to Ironwood is a puppy named Umi. This will be our second puppy we have raised and helped train to eventually become a guide dog!

As we enter the spring season and turkey sightings begin to skyrocket, it can only be hoped that this weather stays with us. That means it’s not allowed to snow in May, please!

*Our update comes from a Level 4 resident who will be returning home to family in about a week.  It has been a true privilege to spend time with this amazing young person who has grown tremendously and possesses limitless potential.  When kidding around earlier this week about staying a while longer, the proud response heard was “I’d love to, but I have to get on with my life”!

And so, we agree…

Thank you for putting your trust in the work that is Ironwood…we wish you all a wonderful weekend.