Ironwood Maine Web Update

April is on the doorstep. You can feel it. It’s a bit on the foggy side today, but not from some atmospheric occurrence, it is from what we call here in Maine – “melting snow.“ Yes, all the snow on the ground begins to simultaneously melt causing a charge of melting snow molecules to hit the air at the same time causing such density as to create fog. At least that’s the way it has been explained to me over the years. In any case…this campus, along with everyone in and around it is ready for spring.

Along with the rite of spring comes Easter. Holidays are very special here as staff does an absolutely outstanding job making these difficult moments away from home just a bit more palatable. And of course candy and treats make just about everything easier to take. There will be treats and a home style Easter meal with Ham and all the fixins. And the breakfasts on holidays are always a big hit with welcome doses of breakfast meats and eggs to the liking. The FH kids will head over to the Morrill Town Elementary School to plant eggs for the community Easter Egg Hunt.

This has been one of the strangest Maple Syrup seasons in recent memory with the deep cold holding on very late in the season with holding tanks and lines being froze tight for most days. However, we have managed a few boils and over 600 gallons of raw Sap has been collected and is ready for processing. There will be some tours and tastings for the Family Weekend…yummmmmm.

And I’m happy to report that our new Equestrian resident survived his initial reflection quite well and has actually been allowed in the group and has assumed a new identity. Yes, “Sunbeam”, has joined the IW family. I’m hearing he was named for his propensity to find whatever sunlight was coming in through windows or doors and placing his body in the direct rays. So, Sunbeam it is. And he awaits your introduction, next weekend.

The Farmhouse is experiencing a wonderful phenomenon right now with 7 residents at Level IV and a new Level III who came up this week from Frye to even out the group. When one looks at the IW journey and its culmination in a commencement of new life, it is only fitting that I write this, looking out at what will soon be new life surrounding our campus with hundreds upon hundreds of new flowers and abundant new growth. It is clearly incredible that we have so many residents blossoming into their respective life journeys at this time. You know, IW is just a season, just one season of a year, of many, many years in a life journey. And like the seasons there is the thread of newness and of hope, of a better day, after a winter or storm. Hope does spring eternal, especially when you’re surrounded with so many signs….Happy Easter to all.

Thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives and we’ll see you soon.