Ironwood Maine Web Update

“We cannot be filled unless we are first emptied, to make room for what is to come.”

Thomas Merton

April showers have surely marked the hopeful onset of spring this week. We have watched last Monday’s snowstorm melt away bringing new growth to the barren New England landscape. The Farmhouse community took advantage of the beautiful Maine weather by relaxing on the beach as well as participating in community service. Each of the students took part in a beach clean-up on Sears Island and collected a total of about 150 pounds of garbage!

At the Frye campus, residents reflected on gratitude and its positive effect on the human brain. The group dynamic is hopeful with the first signs of spring shining throughout the Frye woods that surround main campus. As a mentor, it is exciting to see the transitions from level to level. One step back pushes you two steps forward. This is something I have tried for myself. We were happy to welcome two new Farmhouse residents with a traditional celebration of the long walk up the Frye graduation trail to be greeted by cheers from an ever-growing family at the Farmhouse. 

This week in the Farmhouse experiential group, we learned how we can relate to others by sharing our interest with peers and passing a ball of yarn to the people we are “connected” to. We learned to value our peers and reflect on the importance of others perspectives and how we can relate it to our own point of view. it is amazing to see how similar we all are and how this perspective can build relationships. This Monday we wrapped up our first aid & CPR class. Many of us are now certified to respond to life-threatening emergencies! Last Friday in horsemanship we joined up with Dancin and saw sparks fly only to be greeted with a following companion around the arena. 

This week we learned to appreciate the things we haven’t always had, including warm sunny weather. This week, as we wake up to birds singing and beautiful sunrises, we will reflect that there is a spring following every winter. Gratefulness and sunshine is a remedy unlike no other, as we watch the last signs of winter melt away, as spring breaks through our once frozen ground. 

*We are again pleased to share that this update was written by one of our level 4 residents, who has worked extremely hard over the last several months.  Thank you for trusting Ironwood with your sons and daughters.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend, Happy Easter and be well!