Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Don’t let Mondays ruin your Sundays.”


After a Family Weekend filled with excitement, happiness, and high emotions, the Ironwood campus is back to the normal routine. 

Farmhouse and Frye residents are working hard to adjust back into things. The early spring weather has been very inconsistent with 50-degree days, followed by below freezing days, with no warning. The Farmhouse boys group brought the grill out from winter storage to prepare for the warmer month meals and BBQ season! The Frye girls group transferred a picnic table from the bean-hole fire pit to the small stream down by the mini barn so that they can enjoy meals with a scenic view.  Both campuses are eagerly waiting for the warmer weather to come. 

With Easter coming up in just a over a week, the Farmhouse art Class painted Easter eggs to celebrate the holiday. We were taught to decorate the eggs using a Ukrainian tradition that tells a story about a monster and how decorating eggs year-round keeps the world safe. After a successful music performance, “Emmet’s Last Day” is now going to be choosing new songs for the next family weekend performance and adding a few more members to the band. 

Overall the whole Ironwood campus has been filled with positive energy after having a very successful weekend. All Ironwood students were able to enjoy themselves during this past weekend and are grateful for the opportunity to share time with their family. Even those who didn’t participate in the family weekend events, managed to have a blast cooking over the fire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, also contributing to a wilderness site with bridges and shelters. 

All of our students have proven their ability to be resilient and forward thinking, taking advantage of the opportunities here on campus. While we were sad to see our visitors go, we all are looking forward to the next time we can work together with all of our families to share how much new progress we will have made. 

*This update was written by one of our Level 4 residents.  We hope you have a great weekend and wish you the very best!