Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy: they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

Marcel Proust

With this week’s update, I want to focus on a theme of positive transition. Currently, the Ironwood campus and all of us students are surrounded by transition; from the change of season to the constantly evolving dynamics of the group, and how we are using our time and energy throughout our daily routine. 

I know that from what I have seen, both campuses are ecstatic to be able to slowly adapt their activities and daily opportunities to spend more time outdoors. Everyone on campus Is making efforts to lead groups, build fires, eat meals, and enjoy the changing weather and longer days. I believe this slight transition helps bring the groups closer together, create a more positive atmosphere, and changes our personal moods and how we act towards one another. It is pretty incredible how quickly a change of scenery affects everyone. 

This week in girls’ group at the Farmhouse, we did some work on our house contract and our mission statement. To clarify, we are making a contract that holds us accountable to our actions and expectations of the group. One example is that in order to agree to the contact, we all must pull our own weight, or in other words, do your part in the group. The hope is that this contract will help us have a balanced dynamic within the group and work together as a team. This relates to the theme of this week because it is helping us improve our connections from peer to peer as we learn more about one another. 

I think that this week’s music class has really brought the Ironwood community together on a deeper level. Music is a very powerful thing and for us to get the privilege to perform and listen to it together is really special for everyone involved. This week we also took extra time to practice and perform the song that we are performing for family weekend. We are all really excited to be able to share what we’ve put together!

Between both campuses; I have witnessed teamwork, laughter, and creativity. The transition into spring has inspired and encouraged positivity throughout Ironwood. The more the sun is out, the brighter our moods seem to get! I would like to ask that each of you think of ways that you can use spring as an inspiration to smile a little more each day!

This update was written by a senior level resident from the Farmhouse, who will soon be heading home!  Family Weekend is right around the corner and we look forward to seeing many of you not long from now.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to smile!