Ironwood Maine Web Update

March in Maine is synonymous with maple sugaring season.  At latest count, our residents have tapped more than 100 trees.  The ideal conditions for maximum sap production are cold evenings and warm days. We have the cold evenings taken care of . . . a few more warm days would be greatly appreciated! A lot of work goes into making maple syrup: wood has been gathered to fuel the evaporator; buckets have been brought down, cleaned out, hung on the taps and covered. Both the Farmhouse and Frye residents have been helping to tap all the trees and will learn about the workings of the sugar shack next week. 

In addition to the beautiful natural setting of Ironwood, which our residents come to appreciate for its peaceful and healing qualities, our campus also abounds with animals.  On any given day, there are at least 10 dogs on campus, which bring comfort and delight to our residents and staff alike.  More than one resident has been observed sitting on reflection, with a dog by their side, and frequently our new residents express relief that there is a dog with whom they can play in the absence of their own.  Our residents learn about relationships, responsibility and more, as they interact with and care for the dogs, horses, etc. on a daily basis.  

Thursday marked another graduation and the emotional departure for a young woman who experienced tremendous growth and change in her time at Ironwood. From the slideshow, to the speeches, hugs and pictures, graduation days are very inspiring to the residents looking forward to their own graduations one day.  While one resident was leaving for home, two new residents begin their IW journey, this week. For us, there is promise and hope that we see in all residents. 

Family Weekend is fast approaching and all at Ironwood are working hard preparing for this important time of reunification and family healing.  The anticipation is present every day as we go about our Ironwood routines and we hope to see many of you very soon.

Thank you for making your child part of our lives and have a great weekend.