Ironwood Maine Web Update



​In the dictionary, personal success is defined as achieving what you want and being happy. However, at Ironwood, personal success can look very different. For some it is moving up a level in the program and for others it is just being able to have a day in which they are happy and productive. This week I will be touching on different successes from different people. 

​​The Frye girls group said that they have improved on efficiency and thoroughness in barn chores and responsibilities. Several of the Frye girls were also recognized by receiving their purples. One Frye resident said that she has finally become comfortable with the mini horse, which is definitely a personal success in her eyes. 

​​One Farmhouse resident described that she has been planning her future and Ironwood has taught her many skills to become successful. Another Farmhouse student said that the Recovery therapy group helped her see the successes within the entire group, as people who have become honest and truer to themselves. Another said that DBT helped them see new perspectives for situations that might occur when they graduate Ironwood and transition home. 

​​One staff enrichment block that seems to be really appreciated this week was the CPR/First Aid training. A resident noted that it has inspired her to work towards becoming a nurse. 

As people grow and change throughout their Ironwood program, so do their views on success and failure. They begin to see even the small things as big successes. They also begin to see failures as good learning opportunities. 

                *We are pleased to share that this weekend update has been written by one of our senior level residents.  We hope that all is well back home and we wish you all a peaceful weekend.