Ironwood Maine Web Update

Did you hear the collective sigh of relief from everyone in the Northeast of the U.S. when the first day of spring arrived? While our campus here in Mid-Coast Maine hardly looks anything like spring, at least the calendar is indicating that it is. Roads are free of the deep frost but present challenges on the warm, “melting” days. Snowpack remains very heavy in the woods and corners of fields and snowshoes are still the common footwear for hikes.

Frye residents enjoyed a journey to do some star gazing the other night. The overnight sky here on campus is very much a living Planetarium during all seasons. We get zero “light pollution” here so the nighttime sky is visible from horizon to horizon. It is not uncommon to see the stunning setting sun colors deep into the 1-2 hours after the sun has actually set. As the sky transitions a literal 180 degree view of the constellations and unknown galaxies can be seen from the foothills of Frye Mountain. Remember that the eastern sky is only about 12 miles of land before hitting the vast expanse of Penobscot Bay and the open Atlantic Ocean.

With the lengthening of day light the Frye mini barn chores can now be tackled after the supper hour with the temps not being that deep, bone chilling cold. Soon water buckets being carried from the lodge. It makes for a more relaxed evening as the residents transition from a busy day into a serene evening.

Maple Mondays are being extended for another two or more weeks as all of this late season cold and delayed thaw has created a sap run that is unrivaled in recent history. While we could not possibly keep up with all the sap being gathered to convert to that amber gold sweetness we are planning on having enough end Maple Syrup on hand for Family Weekend to enjoy with all our culinary treats.

Our most recent intake of a teenager occurred this week. However, this one is starkly different than most as it has four legs and not two. It is from the Eques, not the Sapiens tree! Yes, the new Horse has arrived! A teenager gelding named “Pending”. His name is “pending” until we go through the effervescent process of naming the new dobbin. He is currently on his “initial reflection”, (quarantine) until he passes medical muster and joins the milieu of horses in our Farm House barn. Certain you’ll be hearing much more of him in the letters and conversations home, and will be introduced to him on Family Weekend.

Did I just mention Family Weekend again? Did you know there is one coming up soon? I’m being silly as I’m certain you’re not only aware of, but are planning for, and longingly awaiting a reunion with your child. It is absolutely amazing how the energy on campus shifts as we approach this critically important aspect of our therapeutic program. Family, therapeutic, educational, group and quiet times all come together over a 48 hour period with the objective of bringing families back together in an awakened and healed way. The residents are ready. I’m sure you are too.

Along with the natural world around us, we will be thawing out and reaching for, and embracing the new life that is spring. Please have a good week, and thank you for allowing your child to be part of our lives.