Ironwood Maine Web Update

“I will promise to be true to myself, because I am the only person I can truly count on.”


This week at Ironwood, both the Frye and Farmhouse residents have been participating in numerous activities that have raised the holiday spirit and produced New Year’s resolutions and program goals. 

​Here on campus, preparing for Christmas and other holidays have been a big task, both at Frye and the Farmhouse. Down at Frye, the boys and girls have been caught up in the throes of Christmas decoration competitions. The boys decided to go with the “more the merrier” theme, while the girls perfectly crafted a few glorious decorations and trimmings. Rumor has it that the best dressed room will award its occupants with a pizza party! Up at the Farmhouse, decorating has been made competition-free, but an activity that was all-inclusive and thoughtful. Also, at the Farmhouse, all received ugly sweaters to bring to the weekend musical play, “Elf”. It was evident that everyone had a great time off campus, while at the musical. 

​DBT this week was especially significant as the meeting was designed to celebrate the holiday season while integratingthe DBT skills of mindfulness and grounding. This was accomplished by focusing on our 6 senses; sight, feel, sounds, smell, taste, and finally, movement! To represent the senses, the DBT group split into smaller groups and each did an activity that focused on one of the senses. With Christmas picture books representing sight, cinnamon cookies for smell, drawing cards for movement, music for sound, decorating and eating treats for taste, and feel. It was an impactful group as it helped resident develop a more positive outlook on the holiday season and the new year ahead. 

​All of these activities do not postpone our day-to-day demands, however, cooking and preparing for Christmas eve and day has especially been an uplifting and positive experience for many residents. Cooking these “huge” meals bring a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, building up positive experiences during the holiday season and excitement at the dinner table. 

​Joy, hope, and gratitude during this holiday season willhopefully carry on and inspire new traditions and resolutions for future Christmas celebrations and in general life for the new year and beyond. Family remains the center of thought, as 2018 ends and we prepare for a promising New Year.