Ironwood Maine Web Update

“To the world you may be one person but to that one person you may be the world.”

Dr. Seuss

​We can only imagine that many of the staff and residents are feeling a sense of relief that the week has come to an end. While still true, this feeling does not stem from long days, or physical taxation. Rather, it is a result of the many successes and accomplishment of our students. This week, it is ever more understood that the rewards of progress can take a lot out of you.  To engage in pure trust, a willingness to be accepting, vulnerable, honest, and driven takes far more energy than shoveling snow. Yet, our residents constantly rely on these traits and thisreflection (of ours) comes from a series of 5 graduations in just one week! Our appreciation goes to them, as they head home with a clearer understanding of how this complex world works and how important family and GOOD friend are in maintaining a life of success.

Holiday efforts steamed forward this week with an atmosphere of both comfort and joy. Preparing for the holidays at Ironwood is an embodiment of community; no one act or gift is for any one individual; it is all communaland shared with appreciation. This holiday provides us with grounding for many learning opportunities, with one that stands out the most…family. Looking beyond the many recent graduations, there remain many students that continue the challenging work of their program. In addition to supporting their continued progress and validating their feelings, we also have great compassion to all of you, as parents. We think about how you have fostered your son or daughter’s growth, shared with them that they are important and worked relentlessly in creating a culture for them that was globally rounded. Each of our students feel safe and comfortable knowing that you are also working within this program to help create a better familyenvironment, when this journey is over.

In addition to school, chores, and clinical groups, students continued to spend time spreading the holiday cheer. After this most recent snow fall, there was an epic sledding race down the hill to the Beaver Pond. Both campuses are knee deep in yarn as many create their very own holiday stockings and students are still designing seasonal campus “flair” with a variety of art project for decorations. 

You may be able to gather that this week has been grounded in celebration. Most have learned to understand that “celebration” includes spending time with family, decorating, offerings for people you care for and surrounding yourself with those who are invested in making your life better. We are excited to be able to create some unique traditions this season. While not the same as home, we will do everything we can to deliver joy and a safe environment of community, for your sons and daughters.

Happy holidays to you all, from all of us here at Ironwood.