Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Good, better best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” 

St. Jerome

This week at Ironwood, students continued their motivation to succeed and to be authentic. There has been a strong sense of team-building and teamwork among the students and the Ironwood family as a whole.

The spirit of the holidays is in the air. The Farm House held an Ethnic Night feast, where the students got a taste for the culture of Israel. The students were able to learn about and appreciate the Israeli culture. Along with holiday traditions, there has been the lighting of the Menorah, the opening of the Advent calendar each day, and the decoration of the Christmas tree! The Farm House had the opportunity to see the Bangor Ballet perform their abridged version of “The Nutcracker.” Snowball fights, sledding, and winter walks provided laughter and fun for all.

This week, our therapeutic experiential group sparked some meaningful discussion in the boy’s group about group dynamics. The boys were split into two groups and given two pieces of construction paper, scissors, and tape. Their task was to use these materials to create a runway for a small, wooden ball to roll on. The group that could keep the ball moving and on the track won.

In smaller groups, the boys discovered the incredible teamwork and communication they were capable of and became motivated to do their part in the group to support one another. The boys all agreed a change needed to happen to improve the group’s function as a whole; it starts with individual effort.

The students this week served their community by baking and decorating cookies to be enjoyed by community members and organized a system to get the job done well. It was a creative and rewarding experience!

In music class, the students contributed the song choices for the next Family Weekend. They worked as a team to make sure all opinions were acknowledged and considered. Each week, the music class allows students to showcase their talent and produce a performance they can be proud of.

Ironwood has provided students with the support to keep moving forward and persevere through difficult change, which ultimately leads to personal growth and repair. The simple pleasures of the holiday season have inspired the students to hold onto their motivation, recognize the strength within them, and be invested in their success!