Ironwood Maine Web Update

We’re hearty and pride ourselves on taking whatever Mother Nature dares throw our way, yet we must admit, like you, we’re growing weary. Three Nor’easters in a row, with another one potentially on the way for next week, can make for some serious cabin fever. In spite of the weariness spirits on campus remains high. Staff views the daily trials as an opportunity to extend the winter fun out just a while longer. And, so we’re inside for a few extra days awaiting the arrival of spring? Great time to plan the summer projects and to engage in some productive and contemplative work.

Farmhouse residents took some time this past week to plan, coordinate and make dog treats to be delivered to the local animal shelter. What a great way to spend a late winter afternoon, thinking of and caring for our friends in the local animal shelter.

The FH boys enjoyed an afternoon at the YMCA this past weekend with some free time, basketball and swimming. The girls group is scheduled to go this weekend (weather permitting, lol). While there is ample time spent out of doors in the fresh and cool March air, there’s nothing like a swim at the local Y to invigorate and relax.

We have a Mentor that has joined us this past week. A Mentor is an IW graduate who wishes to come back for a few days to re-connect, reflect, and to give back to current residents the experiences of their own journey, but to show that there is life after IW. In many cases the Mentor will share with current residents that while their day to day struggle here may seem overwhelming, that there is a long lasting, deep healing and restorative work that is done here that carries them into their post IW life. Mentors will connect with the Therapist that accompanied them through their own journey or to Wes and Sue to express the desire to return. For staff, it is a real treat to see and to hear from residents who’ve moved on with their lives. For current residents it is a refreshing and vital look that the hard work that goes into their program pays huge dividends in a balanced and happy post IW journey.

Big day today on the Equestrian front as the Barn Manager and a few of the FH kids are off to pick up the newest addition to our herd. I do not have a lot of the particulars now and will report buck next week, but I’m certain you’ll hear from your child before I do! It is very exciting.

Maple Monday is “flowing” along. The yield of Sap is nothing short of amazing as the spring thaw keeps being postponed with storm after storm. Each weather event we’ve had adds copious moisture to the ground which in turn gradually thaws. As it thaws, and re-freezes, and thaws, the flow of Sap to the stately old Maples becomes very large. And we’re there to tap into it. We’ve processed a finishing boil at this point and will only do two or three more as we can’t possibly keep up with all that is being put out.

The Level IV resident who was headed out for their home visit a couple weeks ago has returned. Off onto the final leg of her IW journey as she had a wonderful time at home after months of hard work. The home visit is an integral part of the program and one that is much anticipated and welcomed by resident and family.

Another busy week here in the snow covered north. We hope you have a good week. Thanks so much for allowing your child to be a part of our lives.