Ironwood Maine Web Update

It’s official, we’ve retrieved the rock salt and snow shovels from storage and put them to use this morning. On top of the years first winter storm, a parade of eager parents and siblings created a tremendous whirlwind of activity as the 1st day of Family Weekend began, today.

Launched by an opening presentation to all families at the Farmhouse School, the day is then set in motion with reunifications, smiles, laughs and yes, tears. All of the emotions you could imagine after not seeing your child for several weeks apart. After that, the families head off for a day of family therapy, experiential groupsand some free time to catch up and explore the campus together. Today’s “ice-breaker” called for each family member to take a moment to acknowledge what they were grateful for. They then wrote their thoughts on a leaf, to be clipped to a tree, all together creating an impressiveTree of Gratitude.

After a weekend full of campus activities, the Level 2 students say their goodbyes until January. This time together is a great indication of the effort and progress of Ironwood work thus far, as well as an indication of what work needs to happen in the next chapter. Level 3 & 4 students leave campus on Saturday afternoon to enjoy some well-deserved time away from campus, with their family in the beautiful surrounding area of rural Maine.  

This always leaves the question as to what happens to the residents are not able to participate in the Family Weekend event. Similar to the rest of campus, the day is set up to be positive and pleasant. Students spend the first morning as usual, tending to the daily chores and barn animals to then complete a typical day at school. The rest of the weekend is filled with fun activities to keep everyone on their toes and busy. Students cook meals over fires, take hikes in the woods, building camping shelters, and playing board games in groups.

As most of you are witnessing first hand, we are all grateful to be a part of this journey with you and are looking forward to playing a small role in your family reunification.

Have a great weekend!