Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

It has been a sloppy slide into November here at Ironwood. Our campus has had to overcome dreary and wet weather for most of the week. Student were issued winter clothing recently and their weatherproof boots and jackets have been helping to keep everyone comfortable and protected from the elements. And while the environmental factors offer another element of challenge for each of us, students have been able to persevere and make the most of this past week.

Last Sunday was enjoyed as a traditional day of rest. Under heavy rain, students expressed appreciation for this opportunity away from their usual daily routine. Board games, reading, crocheting and relaxed conversations took the place of a cancelled, off campus trip.

Mid-week, the skies cleared for a bit and we were able to enjoy October for its most important spectacle. No, it wasn’t Halloween…it was none other than a campus wide whiffle-ball game in which we paid homage to the World Series. Students were encouraged to utilize last week’s session on feedback to chatter up their opponents with non-stop constructive (and positive) feedback throughout the game.

Campus extra-curricular groups are keeping everyone engaged. Students in music group are feverishly preparing for Family Weekend. In art group, students have working on self-portraits and pencils. Gardening group is cleaning up for the year, pulling up all organic matter and placing straw over the beds to limit erosion over the winter. Wilderness groups are still enjoying the last bit of fall foliage, with long walks through the woods.

Yesterday, we celebrated a graduation and another has moved up to fill his place at the farmhouse. There are quite a few students trying on their level 2 purples as well.

We hope that all is going well back home and we look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Family Weekend.

And…How about those Red Sox?!