Ironwood Maine Web Update

Two, not one, but two Nor’easters in one week, with yet another on the Doppler for the first of next week. The most recent event that ended yesterday (Thursday) was a good one. At the very least it was a snow event of 18 inches with resultant drifts in the 24-36 inch range. It was wet, heavy snow that prevented mountainous drifts, but conversely was very hard to move and presented very unique driving challenges. I must say however, that there is nothing like snow to bring out the young child in all of us, evidenced by my early morning trip to Frye to check on the campus and staff only to witness 5 boys out in front of their bunk making “Snow Angels”. No worries, they were fully clothed in their “snow”veralls and were staff monitored. Many of those residents come from climates where 18 inches of snow may never be seen in their lifetimes, so they were taking full advantage of the moment.

Last weekend’s Ice Skating was a big hit with staff making a stop at the Rockland Breakwater (in Penobscot Bay) to view the astronomical High Tide. It was quite a sight and added a bit more to the field trip. Staff is always looking for opportunities to expose the children to the many wonders that Mid-Coast Maine has to offer in all of its seasons.

Maple Monday was a “steamy” one with the Evaporator being filled with freshly drawn Sap and the oven fired up with a cracking hard wood fire! The roof vents were opened within the first half hour and the billows of steam could be seen from the Schoolhouse Hill. The 60+ gallons of Sap was boiled down to about 20 gallons and that will be moved to the “finisher” and the Evaporator vat will be filled back up for this Monday’s boil. The finishing is done in a 15 gallon Stainless Steel vessel and will be accomplished over a propane burner. Bottles are ready and we’ll be capping off this Monday.

Some of the Farmhouse residents will be joining our Barn Manager this weekend for a little bit of Horse shopping. Yes, looking to add to the herd. And the residents will be part of a bit of old fashioned “horse trading”. What a great opportunity for them to take all their acquired horsemanship training and applying it to the actual science of determining the health and disposition of a horse!

France, as the host country for Ethnic Night was a huge hit! Italy is next on the culinary/social geographic world tour. Ethnic night is held once a month at the FH and is usually the last Sunday of the month. Be certain to ask your child about their role in each of the events. Oh, and ask them which food they liked the best.

The FH girls group has house chores this week which means they get to spend the week with staff Eric for the morning physical exercise. Whichever group is not on barn get the luxury of the planned group exercise activities. Light dumbbell upper body work, Handball, Push-Ups, Break Dancing, Squats and Resistance training.

We had 2 Farmhouse Residents move to Level IV this week! And we had 2 Frye Residents graduate to the Farmhouse…and new intakes at Frye…the cycle of Ironwood life continues…

Thank you for allowing your child to be part of our lives!