Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates

It is the week after Family Weekend and our campus is back to running at full throttle. Students have re-engaged in their academics, clinical groups, therapy sessions, and daily chores. As each of you have likely had a few days to recuperate from the traveling and emotions that make up a Family Weekend, our students on campus seem to have not missed a beat. A sense of relief can almost be felt as some of our students share that after a weekend with family, they are reminded why they are putting in the effort to develop and challenge themselves to become healthier “and better” family members. Several students sharethat it becomes obvious during a Family Weekend that they haveprogressed, that they are changing for the better, and that makes jumping right back into the program so much easier.

For me, this understanding made me think about our staff and how much emphasis Ironwood, as an organization, places on growth and development. It is truly remarkable the amount of time and energy that is placed on continuing education, specific to our ability to provide quality programming to those we serve. In recent weeks, there have been several opportunities for our team to come together to learn new concepts and skills that will ultimately positively impact your children for the better.

This week, Ironwood has begun the process of providing a crisis prevention certification that will be provided to all direct care staff. This is a full day of a behavioral safety training that provides competencies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize, and manage behavioral challenges with dignity and cooperation. This program will provide our staff with additional strategies for the prevention and management of behavioral challenges and will result in a more positive reinforcement-based approach and fewer instances of crisis management.

In the most recent monthly staff meeting, our clinical team provided a two-part training to our direct care staff on DBT. The first section of the training was designed to allow staff to gain a deeper understanding of this type of therapy that is so significant our students. The second stage of the training focused on a practical approach of implementation and delivery of DBT skills in the milieu. With this, our residential team will be able to provide a complimenting approach that will align with our clinical team as we collectively support students with challenging behaviors.

Not long ago, our clinical team participated in a workshop training welcoming a nationally renowned, licensed psychotherapist, Gary Chapin. Mr. Chapin is a board-certified hypnotherapist with more than 30 years of experience in the therapeutic and social services setting. What is Hypnotherapy? It uses therapeutic imagery and suggestion to achieve an alert and highly receptive state of mind that is compatible with your goals. Hypnotic approaches have been widely recognized as effective methods for treating trauma, depression, and PTSD as well as for pain control and pain relief.  We are considering the benefits of offering this treatment in the future.

As you can see, our staff also runs at full throttle! Thank you for placing your trust in Ironwood and we wish you a very pleasant September weekend.