Ironwood Maine Web Update

In an effort to build upon last week’s message of perspective, I elected to switch up the general approach of our weekly update and offer a visually stimulating summary of the campus happenings. I hope that this approach allows you to gain a deeper understanding and unique perspective, as well.

Community Service

On most Friday’s, students from the FH campus are able to participate in some form of community service.  In recent months, they have planted potted flowers for local hospital patients, picked up litter alongside our neighborhood roads and supported a volunteer fire department fundraiser. This past week. Students visited an assisted living community and brought a few of Ironwood’s 4 legged friends. The community expressed much gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy the company of our pups, and our students.

Creative Solutions

There are not many things better than a crisp glass of orange juice. This past weekend, students took advantage of an abundance of fresh produce by hand peeling and squeezing to enjoy the freshest juice possible. This hand made OJ paired with our Ironwood Maple syrup made for one, super tasty breakfast.

Physical Exercise

We have previously discussed the benefits of an active lifestyle. Exercise supports physical well-being, positive social interactions, reduced anxiety and positive thinking. Ironwood students are constantly in motion through morning exercise, daily chores, navigating through campus and as you see below, engaging in a variety of sports. On the Frye Campus, Basketball has been the activity of choice, of late. In the opposite photo, students made the long trek across campus to find the widest open field to play an epic game of soccer.


The creative juices were flowing on both campus locations this week. Frye students managed to complete some neat crafting by sewing swaths of cloth together to create wall hangings. The farmhouse group constructed a sculpture our of re-purposed materials that upon completion had to be categorized as…contemporary?

Breaking Ground

Students have been hard at work giving back to the community by way of clearing a piece of land. This project is years in the making in which students have been falling small trees, removing stumps and clearing brush in an effort create a recreational grassy field. This past week marked a huge milestone in which all the brush was cleared and the final stumps were removed.


The students aren’t the only ones enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures. This past week, several of our students had to opportunity to hit the trail with one of Ironwood’s fleet of horses. There is a vast amount of wooded trails to explore on property and these quick trips are a treat for all involved.

We hope that your week was filled with a healthy balance of work, play, nature, exercise, art, nutrition and everything else that is important in your world.  We are seeing progress and growth on this campus and appreciate this brief opportunity to work with your sons/daughters.  Thank you for placing your trust in Ironwood and enjoy the weekend.