Ironwood Maine Web Update

There’s no denying it…summer is in full swing and man, is it hot out there! We’ve experienced temperatures in the high 80’s and with the elevated humidity, it almost feels like our campus could be located in central Florida.

As the sun bears down, the crops pop up.  With all the sunshine, rain showers and the care of our students, our garden is right on track and thriving on both campuses. We have harvested summer squash, zucchini, beans, various herbs and lettuce, with more to come. Our garden caretaker has been busy teaching our Farm House and Frye students how to plant and maintain a successful garden and how to harvest crops properly. We are starting to see our students enjoy the bounty of their labor as they incorporate our garden vegetables into their daily meal plans.

But it’s not just all work around these parts. Our Farm House students ventured off campus for an afternoon schooner cruise on the 1927, 48 foot, Olad. We sailed around Camden Bay, enjoying the sun and ocean breeze. A few of our students even volunteered to hoist the sails on our way out of the harbor.  On our voyage we saw such sights as an osprey’s nest, the beautiful lighthouse on Curtis Island, and a porpoise. While out to sea, the view looking back was marvelous with the bay sprawling out before us, with Mount Battie and Mount Megunticook as the backdrop. We took in the sights, relaxed and enjoyed good oldfashioned conversation with the captain, first mate and each other.  

Back on the Frye campus, our students made progress towards their various hard goals with a flurry of carpentry projects. Our students made benches, a bow drill (for starting fireswhich we promptly tested) and my personal favorite, a big set of dice for yard Yahtzee! We have enjoyed the nature around us while hiking, we have played some music and also a few games of basketball during free time. Three of our Frye students have even received their invites” to present next week for promotion consideration to the Farm House!

We are working alongside of our students to make the most of the heat and to enjoy all of the summer days we have left. While we are dedicated to our school work, therapy and folder goals, we also find value in making the time for play, relaxation and the building of relationships.  Busy, focused and always trying to do our best with what we have, we see so many of your kids gaining in self-confidence, more appreciative of their parent(s), siblings and extended family members, back home.  One thing that cannot be argued at Ironwood is that the days pass quickly here and we always hear your kids speak on their Ironwood time.  “I can’t believe that I’ve been here 2 months already”, “I’m going home later this month and I never thought this day would come…now I can’t believe how fast this time went by”.  “I’m actually going to miss this place”.  We actually love hearing these reflective statements and hope that they help you some as you are doing your part, back home. Time is flying by…

Thank you for placing your trust in Ironwood.  Have a nice weekend and stay cool.