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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss

Here’s a very short summary of how life in rural Maine is: “Life in rural Maine is hard.”

Here is a summary of how life in rural Maine that’s not as short:

Life in the middle-of-nowhere Maine can be pretty darn difficult. First of all, residents here at Ironwood have a hard day almost every day this time of year. They are expected to do their barn chores in the leg-shivering cold, shovel snow half the days, and do almost everything in the freezing cold weather. However, there are many things that can hinder that normal day, one of which just so happens to be weather.

Weather in rural Maine can be super extreme. One day, we had such a bad storm that the Farmhouse power generators stopped working, so we had to go all the way down to another part of the campus, and spend the whole day there (we were also prepared to spend the night down there!), which included lunch, exercise block, groups, and even school.

Tuesday night (1/9/24-1/10/24), we had a very large snowstorm, followed by a downpour of a rainstorm. This resulted in the doorway to the Farmhouse being flooded, and the Barn Crew had to do the horses’ stalls very quickly, and since we couldn’t bring them outside, and we couldn’t leave them in their stalls, we had to put them in the Indoor Arena. They then, once their stalls were done, needed to be brought back in, and then we needed to do their water and hay. Keep in mind, this is all being done in the finger-numbing cold. Residents also had to shovel MUCH snow that day. There was so much snow; we shoveled snow as an exercise block! To the students’ relief, they were rewarded with hot chocolate after their hard work.

Another topic of life in rural Maine that is rough to live in isn’t even part of rural Maine, it’s just an unfortunate part of our world: bullying.  Residents at Ironwood have recently been learning about discrimination, hate speech, verbal harassment, and other forms of bullying. Fortunately, behavioral staff, supervisors, managers, and even the higher-ups have been very intolerant to any form of bullying. 

The third and final topic of this article will be, to switch the mood around, some fun things that have been happening here at Ironwood recently.  During the last house meeting, we decided to spend our weekly allowance ($75) on new laundry detergent (Let’s be honest here, those “bio-degradable” laundry sheets were not doing anything for that stench of horse poop on residents’ clothes), and we decided on Tide Pods, which have been reportedly far better smelling, and seemingly making laundry much cleaner. 

This coming week two new PS5 games (Madden & 2K23) will be arriving in the mail, and residents will be able to, with the right privileges, play these games. Speaking of the PS5, the interventionist at Ironwood has created a second student account so that residents can play together on the PS5!

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